Kuza Mobile – for Africa’s entrepreneurs

Kuza Mobile – for Africa’s entrepreneurs

Blogger and photographer Anton Crone produced an article on Kuza Mobile at www.brightcontinent.co.za.  Anton shares our views on Africa being full of entreprenerial talent and opportunity and we really enjoyed chatting to him.  From his blog:

“With Kuza, Nel and Maunder built a simple solution allowing people to create a web presence from a basic feature phone in about 5 minutes. They can create micro ads on their phone that are instantly broadcast to users in their area, accept recommendations and feedback from customers through various digital channels and even create business cards on their phones and get them printed anywhere with an internet connection. All of this is monetized through small micro-payments using airtime on a pay-as-you- go basis.”

Read the full blog and check out his photos at www.brightcontinent.co.za

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  1. This website is going to bring lots of happines and peace to people

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